Collaboration with Bedford College

Albion Archaeology has worked on a number of projects with  students studying computer visualisation and modelling at Bedford College. The college were keen for their students to gain industry experience and  Albion Archaeology acted as the client for the production of a series of animated virtual reality models based on excavated information from Bedford Castle. The students were provided with a series of drawings and photographs and some information on the castle and its nearby lime kiln.

Groups of students formed project teams to come up with concept and story board which they then used to re construct aspects of the castle such as its keep and the nearby lime kiln. After project meetings to discuss and develop the design the students produced ‘fly through’ videos showing the structures as they would have looked in the medieval period. 

This project provided the students with an insight into working with a commercial client and  they gained experience of taking information from a number of sources to produce a realistic historical model.  Our project team gained experience of working on a virtual reality project and communicating our requirements to ensure the students understood our brief.