Specialist Services

At Albion Archaeology, we are lucky enough to have a number of in-house specialists to complement our field projects team.  In addition to the period and subject specialists that allow us to offer a range of built heritage, archaeological and desk-based services, our vastly experienced finds team can be commissioned to carry out finds identification, assessment and  post excavation analysis of pottery and other artefacts on a sub contract basis or as part of a bespoke research project.

Bronze Age Beaker vessel, found in Suffolk, during an Albion Archaeology project.
Roman intaglio ring, found in Bedfordshire, found during an Albion Archaeology project.
Roman bowl fragment under analysis by a member of the Albion Archaeology team
Assorted pieces of Roman pottery found in Bedfordshire during an Albion Archaeology project.

Organisations with in-house finds specialists are becoming increasingly rare; however, we believe that maintaining this expertise is an essential component of a successful project. The systems we have in place for rapid feedback of information from our specialists to our on-site team allow us to react proactively and flexibly - key ingredients in the effective and efficient delivery of archaeological projects.

As part of our added value and commitment to improving professional practice, Albion Archaeology maintains a copy of the Bedfordshire Pottery Type series, available to view by appointment. Though use of the type series is free, there is a charge for identification or advice.

If you would like to commission our finds team or make an appointment to view the Bedfordshire Pottery Type series, please contact us or telephone 0300 300 6865.