Meet the Albion Archaeology team

Meet the Albion Archaeology team. You'll see bios below of some our team members and what their specialist archaeology skills are.

Albion Archaeology's team of archaeologists and heritage professionals have built up many years experience delivering projects for private and public sector clients, as well as for individuals requiring services on a one off basis. We are just as at home working collaboratively in a multi-disciplinary team at the outset of the planning process as we are as sub-contractor on a construction site.

Many of our staff are experts in their field, and through our encouragement of continued professional development and commitment to training we ensure that these skills are embedded throughout the team. We have a long tradition of involvement with national professional bodies such as the Chartered Institute for Archaeologists, the Federation of Employers and Managers and the Council for British Archaeology, as well as local groups and societies.

With a combination of professional credibility and commercial awareness, as well as long-standing relationships with local planning authority representatives, we can communicate effectively with you and your team to bring projects to completion on schedule.

Hester Cooper-Reade MCIfA - Business Manager at Albion Archaeology

Hester Cooper-Reade MCIfA - Business Manager

Hester is an accomplished archaeologist with more than 30 years experience and has been Business Manager at Albion Archaeology since 2003.

She remains involved in historic building recording with a particular interest in buildings of the 19th and 20th century.

Drew Shotliff MCIfA - Operations Manager at Albion Archaeology

Drew Shotliff MCIfA - Operations Manager

Drew has been part of the Albion Archaeology team since 1991, and has been working within archaeology for many years. With overall responsibility for all Albion Archaeology projects, his personal archaeological interests include Saxon and medieval rural settlement. As well as considerable experience of British archaeology, Drew has worked on projects in France, Ecuador and Sri Lanka. 

Gary Edmonson - Project Manager at Albion Archaeology

Gary Edmonson - Project Manager

Part of the Albion Archaeology team since 1995, Gary has experience of a wide range of sites and periods, having spent many years working in archaeology. His specialist interests include military archaeology as well as the influence of man on the landscape across time. 

Jeremy Oetgen MCIfA - Project Manager at Albion Archaeology
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Jeremy Oetgen MCIfA - Project Manager

Jeremy has been a manager at Albion Archaeology since 2001 and has particular expertise on Bedford’s heritage, having directed the only major excavations in central Bedford in two decades and advised Bedford Borough Council’s strategic regeneration of the Castle Quarter.  He believes passionately that the historic environment should enliven our modern cultural topography.

Mike Luke MCIfA - Project Manager

Since joining Albion in 1989, Mike has worked at various levels within the organisation and on all kinds of projects. Mike has published monographs and numerous articles in archaeological journals. He is currently a Honorary Research Fellow with Cardiff University. Outside of Albion he is a season ticket holder at Wycombe Wanderers and a keen wild swimmer.

Iain Leslie ACIfA - Project Manager

Iain has been working at Albion Archaeology since 2008, with experience of directing and managing many different sites. He is a proponent of using open source software for archaeological applications. Outside of work he is a keen rock climber and mountaineer.

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David Ingham FSA MCIfA - Project Manager

Part of the Albion Archaeology team since 2002, David has coordinated a wide variety of fieldwork projects and has extensive experience of post-excavation work. He is the editor of Bedfordshire Archaeology as well as Secretary for CBA South Midlands and East Midlands.

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Wes Keir ACIfA - Project Manager

Wes has been a part of the Albion Archaeology team since 2003, and has experience of managing and undertaking a wide variety of archaeological work. He has a particular interest in the application and use of digital survey techniques for recording archaeological sites. He enjoys travel and has travelled extensively in Africa.

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Holly Duncan MCIfA - Artefacts Manager

A member of the Albion Archaeology team since 1985 and an artefact specialist since 1981, Holly’s expertise is focused on non-ceramic artefacts. She is responsible (in conjunction with the county museums) for the Bedfordshire Artefact Typology and is a member of both the Roman Finds Group and Finds Research Group.

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Jackie Wells - Finds Officer

  A member of Albion staff since 1990, Jackie has more than 25 years experience of ceramic and non-ceramic artefact analysis from the later prehistoric to post-medieval periods, and is particularly interested in Saxon and early medieval archaeology. 

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Jo Barker ACIfA - Project Officer

A project officer at Albion Archaeology since 2015 and staff member since 2005, Jo is experienced in overseeing all aspects of fieldwork and has extensive experience of digital survey. She has particular expertise in writing heritage statements, and is interested in the Iron Age and Roman periods. 

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Mark Phillips MCIfA - Project Officer

Mark has been with Albion Archaeology since 1989, and a Project Officer since 2001. He has coordinated investigations on a wide variety of sites, and leads on much of Albion’s built heritage work, recording sites from country houses to onion sheds. Mark also enjoys sailing model racing yachts.

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Helen Parslow MCIfA - Archives Officer

Helen has worked at Albion since 1989, and since 2004 she has been the full time Archives Officer. She serves on archives and CIfA committees. Helen also co-ordinates Albion’s outreach activities and runs the Bedford Young Archaeologist Club. She owns three adorable degus and is active on the committee of CBA South Midlands. 


Joan Lightning PCIfA - CAD/Survey Technician at Albion Archaeology

Joan Lightning PCIfA - CAD/Survey Technician

Part of Albion Archaeology staff since 1993, Joan is skilled in the use of AutoCAD and Gsys, with experience of aerial photographic interpretation. She is particularly interested in Mesolithic flint tools, and in her spare time has written a series of fantasy novels. She also holds a black belt in Kung Fu.


Kathy Pilkinton ACIfA - Project Officer